Campus AED Program

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A Heart Safe Campus Community

With the goal of reducing deaths due to cardiac events, the UC Davis Fire Department coordinates the implementation of the Campus’s Enhanced Life-Saving Program, intended to facilitate the placement of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the Campus Community.

For Departments interested in acquiring an AED the basic steps are:

  • Department determines that AED placement is desired, and secures appropriate funding.
  • Department AED Coordinator (the department’s contact person) facilitates training of personnel in AED use.
  • Department AED Coordinator submits an AED request with proof of personnel training attached.
  • The UCDFD facilitates the acquisition of an AED prescription from the Medical Director.
  • Once the prescription has been granted, the UCDFD procures the AED and accessories, and charges the purchase to the requesting department.
  • The UCDFD meets with the department's AED Coordinator to identify an appropriate location for AED placement.
  • The UCDFD distributes the AED to the requesting department, who is responsible for the installation of the unit.

Click this link to view the policy: ucd_aed_policy.pdf

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